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Xcelite P r e c i s i o n E l e c t r o n i c S c r e w d r i 05/21/2003 at 6:02PM by Randy
Precise control with comfort.
P r e c i s i o n E l e c t r o n i c S c r e w d r i v e r S e t s To o l s That Wo r k As Hard As You
Rubber coated no-slip
grip with control ribs,
stops slippage for higher
torque and superior control
- ESD safe precision screwdrivers help maximize efficiency -
Fully polished chrome
vanadium steel shafts
with black oxide tips
specially hardened for
strength and durability
These German-made screwdrivers offer the premium features that separate professional quality tools from
the rest: sturdy chrome-molybdenum vanadium steel blades, smooth turning precision swivel caps, and
long-wearing black oxide tips. Add the comfort of the soft-textured forward grip section on each handle
and it's obvious that these screwdrivers will be the choice of those who demand the best.
Swivel caps and
comfort grip
handles provide
optimum control.
Whether your task calls for a slotted,
Phillips®, or a Torx® driver, Xcelite® provides
the versatility and the ESD protection you
need. Both the screwdriver and Torx sets
come in a snap-lock storage case that
keeps them clean and easy to select.
Precision screwdriver sets features:
• ESD safe – provides protection to ESD
sensitive items
• Chrome-molybdenum vanadium steel
blades for superior strength
• Smooth-turning concave swivel caps
provide optimum control for
precise centering
• Black oxide tips for longer wear life
• Soft-textured forward comfort grip section
on handles prevents slippage and
provides added control
• No-roll handle design keeps drivers from
rolling off uneven surfaces
• Quality plastic carry case with snaplock
keeps drivers clean, protected,
and easy to select in lined individual
storage cradles
• XPTX600 set features four tamper proof
Torx drivers for added versatility
• Made In Germany
Cat. No. Description
XP600 Six piece ESD safe slotted/Phillips® screwdriver
set with strorage case
Contents: 1.5mm x 60mm slotted tip screwdriver
2.0mm x 60mm slotted tip screwdriver
2.5mm x 60mm slotted tip screwdriver
3.0mm x 60mm slotted tip screwdriver
#0 point Phillips tip screwdriver
#00 point Phillips tip screwdriver
Cat. No. Description
XPTX600 Six piece ESD safe Torx® screwdriver
set with strorage case
Contents: #5pt. standard Torx tip driver
#6pt. standard Torx tip driver
#7pt. tamper-proof Torx tip driver
#8pt. tamper-proof Torx tip driver
#10pt. tamper-proof Torx tip driver
#15pt. tamper-proof Torx tip driver
Torx® is a registered trademark of
Camcar Division of Textron, Inc.
Phillips® is a registered trademark of
The Phillips Screw Company.

To order these products, contact

Industrial Electronics By Ross LLC
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Soldering Equipment 05/21/2003 at 5:59PM by Randy
Lighted Weller Soldering Irons
A neon light in the handle of these new Weller soldering irons gives the user a quick indication that the iron is on. Available in 25 watt (SP23L) for use with hobby, radio, and electronics projects, 25 watt kit (SP23LK) which includes the iron, two extra soldering tips, solder, and a soldering aid tool, 40 watt (SP40L) for hobby work, 80 watt (SP80L) for heavier hobby work and stained glass, and 80 watt for stained glass (SPG80L) which comes with an additional smaller tip for stained glass.

WLC100 Station

* On/off switch with "power-on" indicator light
* Variable power control produces 5-40 watts
* Quality lightweight pencil iron
* Ideal for hobbyist, DIY'ers and students
* Cushioned foam grip with replaceable heating element. Synthetic guard iron holder and a natural sponge tip cleaning pad
* Includes ST3 iron plated copper tip

8200 Soldering gun - Universal (140/100 watts)

* 7-piece kit with 8200 soldering gun
* All purpose gun
* Fingertip trigger selection of high or low output from instant-heatgun-ready to solder in 6 seconds
* High efficiency tin plated, pure copper tip
* Light illuminates work
* Compact, balanced pistol-grip design
* Includes: 1 soldering tip; 1 sealing tip; 1 cutting tip; coil of lead-free rosin core solder; hex wrench
* Sturdy plastic carrying case

7200PK Soldering Gun Kit - (75W)

* 7200 soldering gun in plastic case
* Coil of lead-free rosin core solder
* 2 soldering tips and instruction leaflet 8200PK Soldering gun kit - Universal (140/100 watts)
* 7-piece kit with 8200 soldering gun. Includes: 1 soldering tip; 1 sealing tip; 1 cutting tip; coil of lead-free rosin core solder; hex wrench. Sturdy plastic carrying case.

Archived Stories Click Here

Power Controller for Soldering Irons
This new Power Controller from Weller (WPC300) controls the temperature on uncontrolled irons for more control over the soldering temperature when working with stained glass or performing other soldering tasks. Includes integral sponge and holder, a Weller exclusive, for added convenience.

WLC200 Stained Glass Station

* On/off switch with "power-on" indictor light
* Variable power control produces 5-80 watts
* Quality lightweight stained glass iron
* Cushioned foam grip with replaceable heating element
* Ideal for the professional or hobbyist
* Safety guard iron holder
* Synthetic sponge tip cleaning pad
* Includes MTG20 3/8" replaceable tip

The "Ten Commandments" for Electronic Soldering Equipment

I. Thou shall not remove tip from soldering iron when power is "On". Causes heating element to rise in temperature to approximately 1300&Mac251;F resulting in thermal shock and reduced heater life.

II. Thou shall maintain a damp (NOT drenched) iron sponge (preferably with de-ionized water). A drenched sponge will bring the temperature of the tip down too drastically, causing thermal shock and reduced tip life.

III. Thou shall not disconnect soldering iron from base unit when power is turned "On". Disconnecting or reconnecting the soldering tool from the base unit with power applied may cause a short between non-compatible pins resulting in damage to the base unit or pencil.

IV. Thou shall maintain a coating of solder on working area of soldering iron tip. Protects the tip from oxidation.

V. Thou shall never drop soldering iron while heated. Dropping the soldering tool while heated may cause thermal/mechanical shock to the heater, sensor, or tip (fractured plating).

VI. Thou shall not throw soldering iron into soldering tool stand. See Commandment V.

VII. Never use soldering iron as a crowbar or pry tool. Could chip or pit finish on tip rendering it useless.

VIII. Using sharp or serrated objects to remove tip from soldering iron is forbidden. See Commandment VII.

IX. Honor thy "KGB" (Known Good Base). Do not plug a non-working soldering iron into a KGB. Could cause damage to the base.

X. Thou shall turn station down to lowest setting during daily usage when not being used. Turning the station down during non use periods will prevent severe thermal cycling of the tool. However, tools not being used for extended periods of time should not be left on indefinitely.

To order these products, contact

Industrial Electronics By Ross LLC
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Heat Guns 05/21/2003 at 5:57PM by Randy
1095 Heat Gun - (1000 Watts)

* Dual temperature, economical heat gun, ideal for most heat gun applications
* Applying heat shrinking products
* Curing epoxy and softening adhesives
* Drying, thawing frozen pipes
* Softening and molding plastics
* Heating liquids and stripping paint
* Dual temperature 1200°F (1000w) and 790°F (400W); 3-way switch: Hi - Off - Low
* 3-wire grounded plug 6' power cord
* Lightweight, 22oz. with cord

6966C Heat Gun - (250 Watts)

* Designed for assembly and repair applications in production plants, laboratories and service shops
* Long-life heater and fan components
* Shrink tubing and vinyl/T.F.E.
* Epoxy curing, drying and cooling
* Approximately 750°F to 800°F hot air at nozzle; 3-position switch... Hot - Off - Cool
* 3-wire grounded plug 6' power cord
* Lightweight, 13oz. with cord

6970 Heat Gun - (750 Watts)

* Heavy-duty heat gun with long-life heater and motor
* Softening and forming plastic laminates
* Removing paints and finishes
* Heat shrinking cables and terminals
* Curing epoxy and loosening adhesives
* 3-wire grounded 6' power cord
* Dual temperature: 1000°F (750w) and 700 °F (350w); 3-way switch... Hi - Off - Low
* Lightweight, 28oz.

To order these products, contact

Industrial Electronics By Ross LLC
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Weller Products 05/21/2003 at 5:56PM by Randy
Soldering Stations from the World Leader.
Weller® brings you an extensive line of soldering stations to meet the needs of today's industrial marketplace. From simple soldering tasks to demanding production applications. Weller® has the solution for your needs.

Weller® High-End Desoldering Stations
Weller® has a high performance, fast response, line of industrial desoldering stations to meet the demanding needs of a production environment. Weather you are using shop air or are using a self-contained unit. Weller® has the right desoldering solution for you.

Weller® Surface Mount Technology Rework and Repair
In an effort to provide quality solutions Weller® has created a modular line of rework and repair stations that will insure the right tool is used for the right job. With the growing demand for controlled hot air systems Weller provides several solutions that meet all your needs.

Weller® Fume Extraction for Production Environments
In response to the growing awareness of the dangers, of fumes, in today's production environment Weller® offers a complete line of fume extraction systems. These systems can be integrated into your current production environment to give you safe and efficient removal of noxious fumes.

Weller® Portable Soldering Solutions
Weller® offers a wide array of cordless/butane soldering and hot air tools. The tools perform critical tasks in almost any environment or location - without the need for a cord. These tools can be used for a wide variety of uses: soldering, desoldering, heat shrink, cutting, and flame applications.

Weller® Portasol® Cordless Glue Guns
Weller® butane gas-powered glue guns come in two different models: The G200K is designed for high production industrial applications, while the G150 is intended for light industrial, hobby, and general household use.

Weller® Industrial Stick Irons
Weller® has been the leader in industrial soldering irons for over 40 years. Featuring tip controlled output irons and models featuring interchangeable heating elements, Weller® has defined the market for industrial stick irons.

Weller® Consumer Soldering Products
Weller® offers a line of tools for the stained glass enthusiast, hobbyist, and do-it-yourselfer. These tools use the same technology found in our industrial lines, so you can count on famous Weller® quality. With innovative features and designs, Weller® is the leader in the consumer soldering marketplace.

Weller® Heat Guns
Weller® offers a line of heat guns for the industrial market that will perform a variety of tasks. From heat shrinking cables to curing epoxy, Weller® offers a safe, efficient, high-performance line of industrial heat guns. The line features the ESD-safe Princess heat gun, which is the lightest heat gun on the market!

To order these products, contact

Industrial Electronics By Ross LLC
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Sola MCR MPC Series Power Conditioners 05/21/2003 at 5:51PM by Randy
MCR & MPC Portable Series - Power Line Conditioning with Voltage Regulation
The MCR and MPC provide excellent noise filtering and surge protection to protect connected equipment from damage, degradation or misoperation. Combined with the excellent voltage regulation inherent to Sola/Hevi-Duty’s patented ferroresonant design, they can increase the actual Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) of protected equipment. These units are a perfect choice where dirty power caused by impulses, swell, sags, brownouts and waveform distortion can lead to costly downtime because of damaged equipment.

On this page: Features, Applications, Specifications, Back Panels, Selection Tables

Features Top

* Noise attenuation.
- 120 dB common mode
- 60 dB transverse mode

* Surge suppression tested to ANSI/IEEE C63.41 Class A & B Waveform: <10 V let through typical.

* Harmonic filtering.

* Galvanic isolation provides exceptional circuit protection..

* Point-of-use Protection.
- Cord & Plug Connected.
- Easy & Flexible Installation.

* 25 year typical MTBF.

* No maintenance required.

* ±3% output voltage regulation.

Applications Top


Computers/ Printers

* Telephone/FAX systems

* Laboratory Equipment

* Security systems

* POS terminals

* LAN networks

Plug & Receptacle Reference Chart Top

Specifications Top

Condition Value

Voltage Continuous at full load
(lower input voltage
possible at lighter load) +10% to -30% of nominal
For temporary surges or sags +20% to -35% of nominal
Current at Full Load & 80% of nominal input voltage Iin @ (VA/.89) / (Vin * 80%)
Frequency See the Operating Characteristics
pdf for details. 50 or 60 Hz depending on model

Line Regulation Vin >80% and <110% of nominal ±5% for 50 Hz
±3% for 60 Hz
Overload Protection At Nominal Input Voltage Current limited at 2 times rated current
Noise Attenuation -Common Mode
-Transverse Mode 120 dB
60 dB
Output Harmonic
Distortion 3% total RMS content at full load.
Let-through ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Class A & B Waveform <10 V Typical

Efficiency at Full Load 92% Typical
Storage Temperature Humidity <95% non-condensing -20o to 85oC
Operating Temperature -20o to 40oC
Audible Noise n 35 dBA to 65 dBA

60 Hz Models
50 Hz Models

UL10121; CSA (or cUL)1
Warranty n 10 + 2 Years

1 - Depending on model, see Selection Tables to confirm agency approvals for specific model numbers.

Back Panels Top

60 Hz, 70 - 1000 VA,
(4) 5-15R Receptacles

60 Hz, 2000 - 3000 VA,
(4) 5-15R and (1) L5-30R Receptacle

50 Hz, (1) IEC 320 Input Receptacle.
250 VA (2) IEC 320 Receptacles
500-2000 VA (4) IEC320 Receptacles

60 Hz, 250 - 1000 VA, (4) 5-15R Medical Grade Receptacles

Selection Tables Top

Group A - MCR Portable Series, 60 Hz

UL File:

VA Catalog
Number Voltage
Input/Output Height
(inch) Width
(inch) Depth
(inch) Ship
(lbs) Receptacle (No.)
Type (NEMA) Plug
70 63-13-070-6

6 7 9 18 (4) 5-15R 5-15P
150 63-13-115-6 120 6 7 9 21 (4) 5-15R 5-15P
250 63-13-125-6

6 7 9 26 (4) 5-15R 5-15P
500 63-13-150-6 120 9 9 16 32 (4) 5-15R 5-15P
750 63-13-175-6

9 9 16 64 (4) 5-15R 5-15P
1000 63-13-210-6 120 9 9 16 69 (4) 5-15R 5-15P
1500* 63-13-215-6 120 11 11 17 95 (6) 5-15R 5-20P
2000** 63-13-220-6

11 11 17 115 (4) 5-15R, (1) L5-30R L5-30P
3000** 63-13-230-6 120 11 11 17 143 (4) 5-15R, (1) L5-30R 5-50P
*This unit is cULus certified.
**This unit is not CSA certified.

Group B - MCR Portable Series, 50 Hz

VA Catalog
Number Voltage
Input/Output Height
(inch) Width
(inch) Depth
(inch) Ship
(lbs) Receptacle (No.)
Type (NEMA) Plug
250 63-13-625-9

220 or 240
7 8 13 36 (2) IEC-320 3-WIRE PIGTAIL
500 63-13-650-9 220 or 240 9 9 16 45 (4) IEC-320 3-WIRE PIGTAIL
1000 63-13-710-9 220 or 240 9 9 16 54 (4) IEC-320 3-WIRE PIGTAIL
2000 63-13-720-9

220 or 240
10 11 17 118 (4) IEC-320 3-WIRE PIGTAIL

Group C - MCR Portable Series, 60 Hz

VA Catalog
Number Voltage
Input/Output Height
(inch) Width
(inch) Depth
(inch) Ship
Weight (lbs) Receptacle (No.)
Type (NEMA) Plug
250 63-13-125-7

6 7 9 26 (4) 5-15R 5-15P
500 63-13-150-7 120 9 9 16 32 (4) 5-15R 5-15P
1000 63-13-210-7 120 9 9 16 69 (4) 5-15R 5-15P

To order these products, contact

Industrial Electronics By Ross LLC
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Sola Power Conditioners 05/21/2003 at 5:49PM by Randy
Sola/Hevi-Duty's ferroresonant power conditioners protect equipment from all power problems other than a complete loss of power. They excel at tightly regulating voltage within ±1.0% for input variations up to +10%/-20%, provide superior noise attenuation and are designed to withstand the harshest electrical environments. With no moving parts, Sola’s ferroresonant power conditioners are virtually maintenance-free.

Whether you purchase a Sola CVS, an MCR or an MPC, you can count on an average of 25 years of dependable service.
Every ferroresonant power conditioner is manufactured to exacting specifications and subjected to rigorous quality control. Sola uses cruciform-type construction with precision die-cut shunts, gaps and spacings between windings. This design technique is superior to ferroresonant transformers utilizing E and I type laminations with loose shunts, gaps and variable spacings between windings. The cruciform-type construction provides more consistent electrical characteristics and quieter operation than other types of construction.

Sola/Hevi-Duty offers the following types of transformers:

CVS Hardwired Series - Constant Voltage Transformers
One of the best voltage regulators in the industry with extremely tight regulation for a nearly perfect sine wave output plus the reliable, stable performance of Sola's ferroresonant technology.

MCR Hardwired Series - Power Line Conditioning with Voltage Regulation
Provides exceptional protection against voltage sags and brownouts. The output voltage remains within ±3% for an input line variation of +10%/-20%. Available in 50 and 60 Hz models.

MCR Portable Series - Power Line Conditioning with Voltage Regulation
Provides portable, economical protection from surges, sags, spikes, brownouts, harmonics, SCR notches and EMI/RFI noise.

MPC Portable Medical Series - Power Line Conditioners
Effective, economical protection for medical systems.

DIN Rail Mounted Line Reactors
Safe, compact protection for high frequency drives and electronic equipment.

To order these products, contact

Industrial Electronics By Ross LLC
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Sola Silver Series SLS Series Power Suplies 05/21/2003 at 5:45PM by Randy
SL Series -
Single & Multi-Output Linears

SL Series - Single & Multi-Output Linears The SL "T" version is a form, fit and function upgrade to the original SL power supplies with easy installation, screw terminal connections. Sola also offers a cover option for safety considerations. The line has also been expanded to include 24 V/7.2 A and 24 V/12 A offerings.

Features, Applications, Specifications, Selection, Dimensions
Features Top

* Easy-to-install screw terminal connections.
* Cover options.
* Industry standard footprint.
* Universal input and approvals (115/230 VAC).
* Low noise, extremely quiet DC output. For noise sensitive or analog circuitry.
* Fast transient response. Ideal for test applications.
* Built-in OVP on 5 V models and optional on 12, 15 and 24 V models.
* Automatic resetting overload protection.
* Short circuit protected.
* Two year warranty.


* Industrial control circuits and components
* Instrumentation
* Drives
* CNC machinery
* Equipment for food industry
* Microprocessor circuits
* Analog circuits
* Noise sensitive circuitry and sensors


Parameter Condition Limit

Input Voltage x 100/120/220/230/240
VAC Selectable
Input Frequency x 47-63 Hz

Line Regulation for 10% change 0.05%
Load Regulation for 50% change 0.05%
Ripple x 3.0 mV maximum
DC Output
Adjustment Range x ±5% Minimum
Overvoltage Protection x All 5-Volt outputs include
build-in OVP as standard
(setting is 6.2 V ±0.4 V)
OVP is optionally available
on other types
Transient Response Time at 50% Load Changes 50 msec.
Overload Protection Automatic current
limit foldback
Remote Sensing Available to compensate
for output voltage drop
on selected models.

0.5 VDC

Operating Temperature

Derate to 40% at +70oC
0 to +50oC
Coefficient (Typical) 0.01%oC
Stability After warm-up ±.5%
Vibration Method 514 Per MIL-STD-810C
Shock Method 516 Per MIL-STD-810C
EMI/RFI Linear power supplies have
inherently low conducted
and radiate noise levels.
For most system applications
they will meet requirements
of FCC Class B and VDE 0871
for Class B.
Cover Option

Derate power by an additional 15%

Forced air.
20 CFM required for full rating
Derate 30% without cooling.
*Specifications are typical. Load Regulation on outputs without Remote Sense,
0.1% typical.

SLS-05-030-1T 5 V @ 3 A*# - -

SLS-05-060-1T 5 V @ 6 A*# - - B1
SLS-05-090-1T 5 V @ 9 A*# - - C
SLS-05-120-1T 5 V @ 12 A*# - - I2
SLS12-017T1 12 V @ 1.7 A#
or 15 V @ 1.5 - - A
SLS-12-034T 12 V @ 3.4 A# - - B1
SLS-12-051T 12 V @ 5.1 A# - - C
SLS-12-068T 12 V @ 6.8 A# - - I2
SLS-15-045T 15 V @ 4.5 A# - - C
SLS-15-060T 15 V @ 6 A# - - I2
SLS-24-012T 24 V @ 1.2 A# - - A
SLS-24-024T 24 V @ 2.4 A# - - B2
SLS-24-036T 24 V @ 3.6 A# - - C
SLS-24-048T 24 V @ 4.8 A# - - I2
SLS-24-072T 24 V @ 7.2 A# - - K
SLS-24-120T 24 V @ 12.0 A# - - L
SLD12-1010-12T1 12 V @ 1 A
or 15 V @ .8 A -12 V @ 1 A
or -15 V @ .8 - H1
SLD12-1818-12T1 12 V @ 1.8 A
or 15 V @ 1.5 A -12 V @ 1.8 A
or -15 V @ 1.5 A - D
SLD-12-3434-12T 12 V @ 3.4 A# -12 V @ 3.4 A# - I3
SLD-15-3030-15T 15 V @ 3 A# -15 V @ 3 A# - I3
SLD-12-6034-05T 5 V @ 6 A*# 12 V @ 3.4 A# - I1
SLD-12-3015-05T 5 V @ 3 A*# 12 V@ 1.5 A - C1
SLT12-20404-12T1 5 V @ 2 A*# 12 V @ .4 A
or 15 V @ .4 A -12 V @ .4 A
or -15 V @ .4 A H2
SLT12-31010-12T1 5 V @ 3 A*# 12 V @ 1 A#
or 15 V @ .8 A -12 V @ 1 A#
or -15 V @ .8 A F
SLT12-61010-12T1 5V @ 6 A*# 12 V @ 1 A
or 15 V @ 1 A -12 V @ 1 A
or -15 V @ 1 A I4
SLT12-61818-12T1 5V @ 6A*# 12 V @1.8 A
or 15 V @1.5 A -12 V @ 1.8 A
or -15 V @ 1.5 A G2
SLT24-30530-05T1 5V @ 3A* -5 V @ .5 A* 24 V @ 3 A* G1
Over Voltage Protector (OVP)

6.2 V to 34 V
Adjustable @ 8 V
For Cases B through K J1

6.2 V to 34 V
Adjustable @ 8 V
For Case A or Cases B through K
(when used with a cover) J2


* With Built-in OVP
# With Remote Sense (R.S.)
1. 12/15 Volt models are factory set for 12 Volt operation.
15 Volt operation is field adjustable.

To order these products, contact

Industrial Electronics By Ross LLC
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Sola Power Supplies 05/21/2003 at 5:43PM by Randy
Sola has a broad range of standard power supplies to suit almost any industrial application. Updated approvals and user friendly features make power system design easy. The product line includes one of the broadest ranges of DIN Rail and linear-based power supplies in the marketplace. The DIN Rail products feature full CE compliance (including all the elements of CE design engineers need to worry about: safety/LVD, EMC, and ingress protection). UL 508 approvals eliminate derating in UL 508 listed panel systems. Global inputs are available for installations around the globe.

Sola also offers a three phase input option on many of the SDN DIN Rail products that convert 380/480 three phase directly to 24 VDC. They provide extremely stable, regulated low voltage without the need for a step down transformer saving space and money. For the popular SL linear line, Sola leads the market by replacing the time consuming solder connections with screw terminals. Ease-of-use is now combined with the economy and extremely low noise.

Sola has provided both linear and switching technology products for many years. As a leading supplier of power products to the industrial market, both technologies are still important. Switching technology (most of Sola’s DIN Rail line) is the predominant method of AC-DC conversion for almost any type of electronic system sold today in the world, from PLC’s to desktop PC’s.

The small size, lightweight and high efficiency of the switching products give them significant advantages over the linear technology products (Sola’s SL and 81/83 series). Sola switching products provide well filtered and regulated DC of typically less than 1% deviation from the nominal output voltage.

lineargrp.jpg (13720 bytes)

Linears are about 50% efficient while their switching counterparts are typically over 80% efficient. Switchers are light enough to mount on a DIN Rail, while only the smallest linears are capable of being securely mounted to a DIN Rail. Linears are still popular today because they do provide very tight regulation (<.01% typically), almost perfectly clean DC, fast transient response and their low component count helps provide a lower material cost for its user.
Linears are typically open frame because of the excessive heat dissipation from their low efficiency. Sola’s industry standard linears, however, are available with optional covers for safety. Most linears, except for Sola’s SCL series, are recognized to UR 1950 and cannot meet the stricter temperature requirements of the UL 508 Listing, such as with Sola’s switching DIN Rail power supplies.

DC Power Supply Selection Process Top

1. Gather the required information.

• Input voltage and frequency?

• Wattage needed?

• Number of outputs?

• Voltage of each output?

• Amperage of each output?

• Don't forget to take into account the
peak loading of each output.

2) Calculate the power (wattage) of the DC
power supply you need. If more than one
output is required, do the following calculation:

* Multiply the Voltage times the amperage of each output to calculate the wattage of each output. Next, add together the wattage of each output to get the total wattage for the supply.

3) Determine which models from the Power Supply
Selection Chart meet all of the required

5) Check the mounting style, connections and
physical size of the power supply to ensure its
suitability for the intended application.

6) Check for applicable safety approvals for the
country and application the power supply will
be used in.

Selection Worksheet

Input: _________ Volts _________ Hz

Output: _______ VDC X _______ A = _______Watts

_______ VDC X _______ A = _______Watts

_______ VDC X _______ A = _______Watts

_______ VDC X _______ A = _______Watts

Add Watts from each output to calculate.

Physical Dimensions:

_______ H x _______ W X _______D

Other required features or options:

Power Supply Selection Table Top


Input Voltage

Output Voltage (V)

(total Watts)

Number of Outputs









24 48 1 2 3 4

X X X X X 60-960 X DIN Rail mount
3 Phase input avail.
Redundant options
Class 2/DeviceNet
SDP X X X X 30-50 X DIN Rail mount;
SCP X X X X X X X X X 30 X X X DIN Rail mount
SCD X X X X X X 30 X X DIN Rail mount
DC Input
SCL X X X X X 4-10 X X DIN Rail mount
Adjustable Pot,
RED or UPS option
SFL X X X X X 75-600 X Single wide
adjustable output
Switchers X X X X X X 40-200 X X X X 40-110 Watt, open
frame, molex-type
200 Watt, enclosed
with connected
screw terminals
SMP X X X X X X X X 250-1000 X X X X -Modular design
-Screw Terminals
(OEM) supply
-Voltage Output

X X X X X X 1500-2500 X X X X -Modular design
-Screw Terminals
(OEM) supply
-Voltage Output
Line X X X X X X 15-244 X X X Industry standard
Screw terminals
and optional covers.

DIN Rail Selection Table Top


Output Voltages (Single Output)
48 24 15 12 10 3.3


x x O O O
SFL 1.5-48-100
SDP1-24-100 SCP30S15-DN SDP2-12-100
2.5 SDN2.5-24-10P
SDP2-24-100 OSCP 30S12B-DN O O
3 O O O O SDN 4-24-100P O
4 SFL 3-48-100 SDN 4-24-100P O O
5 SFL 6-48-100 SDN 5-24-100P O SFL 6-12-100 SCP30S5B-DN SCP30S3.3B-DN

O O SDN 8-5-24
(24 VDC In) O
10 O SDN 10-24-100P O O O
12 SFL 12-48-100 SFL 12-24-100 O O O
20 O SDN 20-24-100 (1Ø)
SDN 20-24-480 (3Ø) O O O O
25 O SFL24-24-100
(110/220 VA) O O O O
30 O SDN 30-24-480 (3Ø) O O O O
40 O SDN 40-24-480 (3Ø) O O O O
Amps Output Voltages (Multiple Output)
±15 ±12 5/24 5/12/12 5/12/15
1 SCL4D15-DN SCL4D12-DN SCP30D524-DN
SCP30S524B-DN SCL10T512-DN
SCL10D15-DN SCL10D12-DN SCP30T512-DN
2.5 SCP30D15-DN SCP30D12-DN O O O

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