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Spare Fuse Cabinet

Size: 24" wide x 30" high x 12 " deep

  • Five cubic feet of storage space.
  • Sturdy storage cabinet conveniently holds spare fuses.
  • Constructed of .080 heavy gauge aluminum.
  • Cabinet door equipped with locking handle.
  • Durable baked ASA 61 grey enamel.
  • Mounting holes with key slot 16 inches on center.

BIF Document:1119



Midget Fuse Spare Fuse Holder

Size: 2.98"wide x 1.03" high x .63" deep

  • 5-position spare fuse holder for midget size fuses (13/32 " diameter).
  • Constructed of grey thermoplastic.
  • Adhesive tape on back for easy mounting on cabinet doors.





Fuse Tester

24 Volt Maximum

  • Test automotive, glass tube and ferrule fuses up to 1 7/8" length.
  • Batteries are included.

WARNING: DO NOT test electrical fuses in the fuse panel.

Fuse Reducers

BIF Document:1118

Dummy Fuses

TRON Clip-Clamps

Adapters for DIN and American Rails

  • Buss DIN-Rail Adapters permit secure, positive snap-on mounting of Buss 0 to 30 ampere fuseblocks (one, two, or three pole) on the various size rails. (Rail mounting eliminates costly and time consuming drilling, tapping, and screw mounting.)
  • Molded from "Lexan™ 141" very high strength but flexible material.
  • Adapter mechanically locks into mounting hole of fuseblock in seconds to become an integral part of the block.
  • One adapter is required for Buss one and two pole blocks. Two adapters are required for three pole blocks.
  • With the exception of the 32mm DIN-rail, all blocks with adapters can be removed from a rail simply by pulling up its release tab.
  • Use of rail end-stops on both sides of adapters is recommended.

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