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POWERSTAT Variable Transformers


POWERSTAT Variable Transformers

The flagship voltage control product offered by Superior Electric, POWERSTAT Variable Transformers provide a simple, rugged method of controlling electrical voltage, current and power. They take in utility line voltage and provide continuously adjustable output voltage. 

Rugged, and designed for heavy-duty use, POWERSTAT Variable Transformers provide excellent power regulation with negligible variation in output voltage from no-load to full-load current. 

POWERSTAT Variable Transformers are available in both manual and motor-driven options. They provide high current ratings, long life, superior overload capacity and exceptional resistance to contaminants such as fungus and salt spray.

Models Available:

10C-12 (1/4 kVA), 21-22(1/2 kVA), 116C-216C & 117C-217C (1 kVA),
Q116U-Q216U & Q117U (1kVA), 126-226 (2 kVA), 
136B-236B (3 kVA), 146-246 (3 kVA), 1156D-1256D (5 kVA), 
1296D (9 kVA), 40 Volt, Isolated LW136B,
L & L2M Laboratory, and SLC Line Corrector


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