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Fluke 27 Analog/Digital Multimeter

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Fluke 27

Extremely Rugged, Water Resistant, O-Ring Sealed for Harsh Environments

The Fluke 27 combines accurate digital and analog measurement capability with extreme ruggedness and durability. They have cases twice as thick as any other DMM we build. They are totally sealed, waterproof to 3 feet (one meter) of water for one hour, tough enough to withstand contaminants, chemicals, accidental drops and severe electrical overloads.

Designed to meet military specification of MIL-STD-28800 for Style A, Class 2 instruments, the Fluke 27 performs under the extremes of heat, cold, humidity, shock, electromagnetic interference, vibration and downright abuse.

  • 3200-count digital display for accuracy and resolution
  • 31-segment analog bar graph for fast peaking, nulling zero adjustments and capacitor checking.
  • Fast autoranging and manual ranging
  • TouchHold® function captures and locks the measurement and automatically updates with the next measurement
  • Conductance for high resistance measurement
  • Min/Max and Relative modes
  • Conforms to IEC 1010-1 CAT III
  • MSHA Approved
Fluke 27Fluke 27Fluke 27
Safety Designed
Rugged safety features include extensive overload protection, high energy fuses, fused 10A range, and non-metallic cases and tilt bail. All voltage inputs recover or fail safe under power line surge tests for major feeders. This includes simulated lightning and load switching transient pulses up to 6 kV superimposed on 660V power lines.

Fluke 27

Fluke 27 Series Features

  • Digital Display/Counts 3200
  • Analog Bar Graph/Segments 31
  • AC & DC Voltage
  • Resistance
  • Diode Test
  • Fast Continuity Beeper
  • Auto and Manual Ranging
  • Automatic TouchHold
  • Superior EMI Shielding
  • Operates from -15C to 55C (5F to 131F) and 95% Relative Humidity
  • Rugged, O-Ring Sealed Case
  • Built-in Tilt-Bail Hanger
  • Meets Military Shock, Vibration and Water-Proof Requirements
  • Min/Max and Relative Mode

Fluke 27 Series Specifications

VDC Range and Resolution: 320.0 mV, 3.200V, 32.00V, 320.0V, 1000V
Best Accuracy: (0.1%+1)
VAC Range and Resolution:320.0 mV, 3.200V, 32.00V, 320.0V, 1000V
Best Accuracy: (0.5%+3)
ADC Range and Resolution: 320.0 A, 3200 A, 32.00 mA, 320.0 mA, 10.00A
Best Accuracy: (0.75%+2)
AAC Range and Resolution: 320.0 A, 3200 A, 32.00 mA, 320.0 mA, 10.00A
Best Accuracy: (1.5%+2)
Resistance Range and Resolution:
320.0 W, 3.200 kW, 32.00 kW, 320.0 kW, 3.200 MW, 32.00 MW
Best Accuracy: (0.2%+1)
Conductance Range and Resolution: 32.00 nS
Best Accuracy: (2%+10)
Battery Life Typically over 1000 hours (alkaline)
Size 203 mm L x 95 mm W x 56 mm D (8" L x 3.75" W x 2.2" D)
Weight 0.75 kg (1.6 lb)
Lifetime Limited Warranty One year calibration interval

Fluke 27 Series Models, Options & Accessories

These accessories are compatible with model: Fluke 27 Series Digital Multimeters
Accessory Type Model Name Accessory or Option Description Pricing
Automotive  TL28A  63" Alligator Clip Test Lead Set  Call 
Cases & holsters  C90   Soft Case DMM  Call 
C100  Universal Carrying Case  Call 
C20  Hard Case  Call 
C25  Hard Case  Call 
C510  Leather Meter Case  Call 
C530  Leather Accessory Case  Call 
C550  Tool bag  Call 
C800  Hard Storage Case  Call 
Current Clamps  80i-400  AC Current Clamp  Call 
i200S  AC Current Clamp  Call 
i410  AC/DC Current Clamp  Call 
i1010  AC/DC Current Clamp   Call 
i200  AC Current Clamp  Call 
Fiber Optic  FOM  Fiber Optic Meter accessory with 9 V battery (installed) and instruction sheet.
Two fiber optic patch cables, a fiber optic coupler, a light source and a DMM are also required to operate, but sold separately. 
High Voltage Probes  80K-40  High Voltage Probe   Call 
80K-6  High Voltage Probe  Call 
Pressure & Vacuum  PV350  Pressure Vacuum Module  Call 
Temperature  80T-IR  Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Probe  Call 
General Purpose Bead Probes  Call 
Piercing Probes  Call 
80PK-8  K-Type Probe Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe 80PK-8  Call 
General Purpose Probes  Call 
80PK-EXT  Extension Wire Kit  Call 
80PK-IR  Infrared Temperature Probe  Call 
80T-150U  Universal Temperature Probe  Call 
80TK  Thermocouple Module  Call 
Test Leads, Probes and Clips  AC220  SureGripTM Alligator Clips   Call 
AC280  SureGripTM Hook Clips   Call 
AC283  SureGripTM Pincer Clips   Call 
AC285  SureGripTM Alligator Clips   Call 
TL20  63" Test Lead Set   Call 
TL220  Industrial Test Lead Set   Call 
TL221  SureGripTM Silicone Test Lead Extension Kit Ordering Information Model   Call 
TL222  SureGripTM Silicone Test Leads (right to right)   Call 
TL223  Electrical Test Lead Set   Call 
TL224  SureGripTM Silicone Test Leads (straight to right)   Call 
TL71  Premium DMM Test Lead Assembly  Call 
TP220  SureGripTM Industrial Test Probes   Call 
85RF  High Frequency Probe   Call 
BP980  Double Banana Plug Kit  Call 
H900  Test Lead Holder  Call 
TL 40  Retractable Tip Test Lead Set   Call 
TL22  63" Right Angle Silicone Test Lead Set  Call 
TL26A  60" 5-Way Test Lead Set  Call 
TL74  4 mm Diameter Test Leads  Call 
TL910  Electronic Test Probes with Replacement Tips  Call 
TL930  61 cm (24') Patch Cord   Call 
TL932  91 cm (36") Patch Cord  Call 
TL935  Patch Cord Kit  Call 
TL940  Mini-Hook Test Leads  Call 
TL950  Mini-Pincer Test Leads   Call 
TL960  Micro-Hook Test Leads  Call 
TL970  Hook and Pincer Kit  Call 
TP912  Replacement Tips for Electronic Test Probes (TL910)  Call 
TP920  Test Probe Adapter Kit  Call 

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