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FlukeFluke Digital Multimeters and Electrical Testers

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  • Fluke 10 Series Multimeters Our economical fluke 10 Series models are designed to support first level electrical and electronic troubleshooting. Their compact design, slide-switch and pushbutton controls allow true one-hand operation.
  • Fluke 27 Analog/Digital Multimeters The Fluke 27 combines accurate digital and analog measurement capability with extreme ruggedness and durability. They have cases twice as thick as any other DMM we build. They are totally sealed, waterproof to 3 feet (one meter) of water for one hour, tough enough to withstand contaminants, chemicals, accidental drops and severe electrical overloads.
  • Fluke 180 Series II Analog/Digital Multimeters Introducing the new Fluke 180 Series Digital Multimeter Check out the features and you'll see we've enhanced the performance beyond any other handheld meter on the planet. Like faster readings. Extended ranges. Lower DC volts. Dual displays. Broader capacitance range. The ability to download data to your PC. And a lot more. No wonder more people prefer Fluke meters over any other brand. Anywhere. So make a smart move. Discover the world's smartest meter ? the Fluke 180 Series.
  • Fluke 170 Series Analog/Digital Multimeters Want a smarter meter or a tougher one. Buy one of these and you get both. With features like lifetime warranty. 6000 count resolution. 0.09% accuracy 177,179. Min/Max/Average. True-rms, ac voltage and current. They're all CAT IV rated and sport an easy access door. The Fluke 177 and Fluke 179 have a backlight. The Fluke 179 measures temperature. All told, this is one powerhouse line of digital multimeters. They're all super-simple to use and built tougher than a world champion wrestler.
  • Fluke 76 True-rms Analog/Digital Multimeter The state-of-the-art Fluke 76 is the lowest-priced member of Fluke's growing family of true-rms multimeters. If you design, install or maintain today's electrical systems, you know that non-linear loads are a fact of life. Measuring these non-linear loads with an average responding meter can give you readings that are 40% or more in error. The Fluke 76 true-rms meter delivers the accuracy, dependability and safety required in today's electrical environment.
  • Fluke 110 Series Digital Multimeters Fluke 110 Series of digital multimeters. Totally new. Totally Fluke.
  • Fluke 8060A/8062A Handheld Multimeters The Fluke 8060 Series Digitial Multimeter is no longer available. The new product which is replacing Fluke 8060 series in this category is the Fluke 180 Series
FlukeFluke Clamp Meters

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  • Fluke 330 Series Clamp Meters The Fluke 330 Series gives clamp meter a whole new meaning. Five new models offer an impressive array of innovative features with current ranges up to 1000 A. Choose the model that matches the jobs you do.
  • Fluke Model 36 Clamp Meter Now you can do more with one tool. The Fluke Model 36 is a rugged, reliable clamp meter that measures ac and dc current and volts. This versatile clamp meter offers true-rms sensing and MAX Hold for measuring inrush current or maximum load on a circuit. Tapered jaws and slim profile let you get at cables in tight places. Use it for troubleshooting in industrial, commercial, avionics and marine environments.
  • Fluke 320 Series Clamp Meters Now everyone on your crew can have a Fluke Clamp Meter. Two new smaller sized models available offering accurate low current measurements, continuity test function and reliability of Fluke. Choose the model that best fits the way you work
FlukeFluke Graphical Multimeters

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    The Fluke 867B Graphical MultiMeter is the ultimate handheld tool for any application that demands real precision. Its 0.025% basic accuracy makes the Fluke 867B GMM tool an excellent choice for critical measurements. The Fluke 867B delivers the ultimate combination of functions and accuracy available in one handheld tool.
FlukeFluke Accessories

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  • Fluke Temperature Accessories Fluke engineers developed an extra-rugged line of temperature probes for your thermometers and multimeters. From industrial grade surface probes to piercing probes fit for food preparation, Fluke has a probe to meet your need.
  • Fluke Fiber Optic Meter (FOM) Test Equipment The Fluke Fiber Optic Meter (FOM) helps you test and maintain fiber optic cable without having to buy a whole new meter. Plug the FOM directly into any DMM with a mV dc function and a 10 MOhms input impedance, such as the Fluke 87 and quickly and accurately verify fiber optic cable system loss. Light sources and patch cords sold separately.
  • Fluke VoltAlert 1AC Contact Us
  • Fluke Test leads, probes, and clips A wide variety of test leads, probes and clips lets each user customize their tester to solve their specific measurement problems. A new line of Category IV safety rated products extends the number of work environments where Fluke accessories can be used.
  • Fluke Current Clamp Multimeter accessories Extend the value of your DMM with a current clamp. A clamp accesssory leverages the accuracy and precise measurement capabilities of your DMM to deliver fast, accurate, current measurements.
  • Fluke Cases & Holsters Protect your tester from the dirt, grime, and moisture in your work environment. From vinyl to seasoned leather to extra tough plastic, Fluke offers more than 15 cases and holsters to extend the life of your tool.

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