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Fluke 180 Series Digital Multimeters
Includes Fluke 187 and 189

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fluke 180

Think About Working with the World's Smartest Meter

Introducing the new Fluke 180 Series Digital Multimeter Check out the features and you'll see we've enhanced the performance beyond any other handheld meter on the planet. Like faster readings. Extended ranges. Lower DC volts. Dual displays. Broader capacitance range. The ability to download data to your PC. And a lot more. No wonder more people prefer Fluke meters over any other brand. Anywhere. So make a smart move. Discover the world's smartest meter the Fluke 180 Series.

fluke 180

  • 0.025% basic DC accuracy
  • 50,000-count resolution with instant readings enables detailed analyses
  • 100 kHz ac bandwidth opens the possibilities of modern applications not possible with less capable DMMs
  • Internal memory allows for stand alone logging of measurement changes (up to 3 days) indentifying stable and unstable periods with a real-time stamp.
  • MIN MAX to record and timestamp values in real-time.
  • 250 S Fast MIN MAX for peak transient capture.
  • Temperature readings in C or F using optional K-type thermocouple
  • Enhanced ranges, such as dc voltage measurements down to 10 V, and capacitance up to 50,000 F
  • Multiple reading display with bargraph has two-level backlight
  • The Fluke 187 and 189 both have on-line logging capabilities when connected to a PC. The 189 has the additional cabability of logging 995 readings in a stand-alone application for later download to a PC.
  • fluke 180

    Fluke 180 Series Features

    • Basic DC accuracy of 0.025%.
    • 50,000-count primary display for high resolution measurement readings.
    • MIN/MAX/AVERAGE time-stamped with a real-time clock for enhanced troubleshooting.
    • Temperature measurements in C and F using optional K-type thermocouple.
    • Stand-alone logging to internal memory of up to 3 days of measurement changes.
    • Use optional FlukeView Forms software for further data analysis, custom documentation and PC logging.
    • True-rms AC, AC + DC
    • 100 kHz ac Bandwidth
    • dBm, dBV
    • Duty Cycle/Pulse Width
    • Battery and Fuse Access Door
    • Two Level Backlight
    • 250 s Fast MIN MAX

    • Note: The Fluke 83-III, Fluke 85-III, and Fluke 87-III are also available.

    Fluke 180 Series Specifications

    Fluke 180 Series Digital Multimeters
    Primary Digital Display 50,000 Count
    Analog Display 51 Segment Bargraph
    IEC 61010 Rating CAT III - 1000V / CAT IV - 600V
    DCV Maximum Voltage: 1000V
    Accuracy: (0.025%)
    Maximum Resolution: 0.001 mV
    ACV (Trms) Maximum Voltage: 1000V
    Accuracy: (0.4%)
    Maximum Resolution: 0.001 mV
    DC Current Maximum Current: 10A
    Accuracy: (0.15%)
    Maximum Resolution: 0.01 A
    AC Current (Trms) Maximum Current: 10A
    Accuracy: (0.75%)
    Maximum Resolution: 0.01 A
    Resistance Maximum Resistance: 500 MW
    Accuracy: (0.05%)
    Maximum Resolution: 0.01W
    Capacitance 0.01 nF - 50,000 F
    Frequency 0.5 Hz to 1000 kHz
    Temperature in C and F (using optional K-type thermocouple)-200C to 1370C

    Fluke 180 Series Models, Options & Accessories

    Available Models
    Fluke 187 & 189
      Description: True rms Digital Multimeter includes:
  • Hardware Users Manual
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Silicone Test Leads (TL71)
  • Supplemental Material:
  • Registration Card
  • Cal Practices Document
  • CD-ROM Users' Manual (16 languages)
  • Getting Started Manual
  • Calibration Certification Sheet
  •   Pricing Contact us
    These accessories are compatible with model: Fluke 180 Series Digital Multimeters
    Accessory TypeModel Name Accessory or Option Description Pricing
    Automotive  TL28A  63" Alligator Clip Test Lead Set  Call 
    Cases & holsters  C125  Soft Carrying Case   Call 
    LPACK80-4  LockPak  Call 
    C100  Universal Carrying Case  Call 
    C25  Soft Case DMM with Holster  Call 
    C510  Leather Meter Case  Call 
    C530  Leather Accessory Case   Call 
    C550  Tool bag  Call 
    C90  Soft Case DMM  Call 
    TPAK  Meter Hanging Kit  Call 
    Current Clamps  80i-400  AC Current Clamp  Call 
    i1010  AC/DC Current Clamp   Call 
    i200  AC Current Clamp  Call 
    i410  AC/DC Current Clamp  Call 
    Fiber Optic  FOM  Fiber Optic Meter accessory with 9 V battery (installed) and instruction sheet.
    Two fiber optic patch cables, a fiber optic coupler, a light source and a DMM are also required to operate, but sold separately. 
    High Voltage Probes  80K-40  High Voltage Probe   Call 
    80K-6  High Voltage Probe  Call 
    Pressure & Vacuum  PV350  Pressure Vacuum Module  Call 
    Software  FVF-SC2  Software with IR cable  Call 
    Temperature  80T-IR  Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Probe  Call 
    80AK  K-Type Interface Adapter  Call 
    80PK-EXT  Extension Wire Kit  Call 
    80PK-IR  Infrared Temperature Probe  Call 
    80T-150U  Universal Temperature Probe  Call 
    Test Leads, Probes and Clips  AC220  SureGripTM Alligator Clips   Call 
    AC280  SureGripTM Hook Clips   Call 
    AC283  SureGripTM Pincer Clips   Call 
    AC285  SureGripTM Alligator Clips   Call 
    TL220  Industrial Test Lead Set   Call 
    TL221  SureGripTM Silicone Test Lead Extension Kit Ordering Information Model   Call 
    TL222  SureGripTM Silicone Test Leads (right to right)   Call 
    TL223  Electrical Test Lead Set   Call 
    TL224  SureGripTM Silicone Test Leads (straight to right)   Call 
    TL81A  Deluxe Electronic Test Lead Set  Call 
    TL910  Electronic Test Probes with Replacement Tips  Call 
    TP220  SureGripTM Industrial Test Probes   Call 
    85RF  High Frequency Probe   Call 
    AC70A  Alligator Clips  Call 
    AC72  Insulated 1000V Alligator Clip   Call 
    BP980  Double Banana Plug Kit  Call 
    H900  Test Lead Holder  Call 
    TL 40  Retractable Tip Test Lead Set   Call 
    TL26A  60" 5-Way Test Lead Set  Call 
    TL71  Premium DMM Test Lead Assembly  Call 
    TL74  4 mm Diameter Test Leads  Call 
    TL75  Hard Point Test Lead Set  Call 
    TL930  61 cm (24') Patch Cord   Call 
    TL932  91 cm (36") Patch Cord  Call 
    TL935  Patch Cord Kit  Call 
    TL940  Mini-Hook Test Leads  Call 
    TL950  Mini-Pincer Test Leads   Call 
    TL960  Micro-Hook Test Leads  Call 
    TL970  Hook and Pincer Kit  Call 
    TP912  Replacement Tips for Electronic Test Probes (TL910)  Call 
    TP920  Test Probe Adapter Kit  Call 

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