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WinBoardTM is the new, easy to use PCB layout tool set that rivals the features and functions previously available only in more expensive programs. Install WinBoard on a PC with Windows and in minutes you'll be laying out boards with unsurpassed ease and flexibility.

WinBoardTM delivers the most sophisticated interactive routing capability available for the Windows environment. It has the power needed for complex board design, and the tools for high speed circuits, analog designs and dense SMT boards. Routing odd-angle and off-grid components has never been easier!

Improve your productivity!

Quick context sensitive editing makes changes a breeze. Single click on an object to drag, double click to change paramters.

Powerful copper pour. Do multiple pours per layer and edit pour shape after placement.

Pad stack editor to easily create custom pad shapes, including tear drops and specialized RF pads.

Advanced Design Rule Checking with over 70 checks helps ensure manufacturable boards.

Netlist on the fly gives you control over last minute changes.

No hardware lock!

WinBoardTM Productivity

The ease of WinBoardTM starts with the familiar Windows interface that is easy to learn and easy to remember. WinBoard's full color toolbar has icons that are quickly recognizable. Route and edit functions can be accessed by a mouse click or keystroke.

Interactive Routing: While in route mode, use a single keystroke to scroll through, select and change track styles (90 degrees, 45 degrees, Any Angle, or Arc). Just as easily, a keystroke allows you to mirror a trace, change width, or place a via and change layers while routing.

Editing and Rubberbanding: Just a single click on an object to select it, then move, mirror or rotate. Double-click to change parameters such as track width, pad shape and text in a pop-up dialog box.

Rubberbanding allows the designer to move traces of a route without severing connectivity. This eliminates the need to lay new traces to link or reconnect a route. Entire routes can be relocated without changing angles already incorporated in the track.

Design Rule Checking (DRC)

WinBoardTM offers real-time DRC that prevents design rule violations while you route. The advanced DFM-oriented DRC checks for over 70 types of errors. It offers separate settings for internal and external board layers and templates to save and reload settings.

Use the Advanced DRC to flag violations in the annular ring, silk screen, drill hole, copper to copper spacing, minimum object sizes and many others that may prevent the board from being manufacturable. Using DRC can save you time and money by helping you do it right the first time!

Copper Pour and Zones

Placing multiple copper pours is as quick and easy as routing. Copper zones may be reshaped with the same single-click editing as used for tracks and other objects. After editing, WinBoardTM will automatically adjust a copper pour to the new shape and recalculate track isolations. Nets and thermal reliefs may be assigned to zones before placement.

Module Libraries and Pad Stacks

WinBoardTM comes complete with a library of over 800 module footprints including over 400 SMT footprints. Pad stacks may be edited online by just double clicking on a pad. Odd shaped pads used in complex SMT designs are easily generated using the WinBoard's built-in tools.

Graphical module editor: A graphical editor is included to create custom module footprints or edit existing ones. Create edge connectors, dips, QFP and SMD footprints quickly and easily with the pad array generator.


Start your designs with professional schematics from WinDraft or use WinBoard's exclusive "netlist on the fly" to quickly edit or create a netlist.

WinBoard's unique netlist module selection allows you to load netlists and assign or change footprints visually from many schematic programs such as: Capilano, Futurenet, Microsim, Orcad, Protel, Pads, Susie and Tango.

CAM tools and utilities include Gerber, NC Drill, Pick & Place Report, BOM and In-Circuit Test, board statistics, DRC report, Netlist out & compare and Pinlist Report. Online help is always just a click away and includes the complete reference manual.

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