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Finally, a user-friendly and affordable schematic design tool set for Windows. Install WinDraft® on your PC and in minutes you'll be designing schematics with unsurpassed ease. Everything's included for wiring, drawing, printing and finishing your design.

WinDraft® is the ideal front end tool for our PCB layout. Specify track widths and isolations right in the schematic. WinDraft supports forward and backward annotation to give you total flexibility.

Improve your productivity!

Flat or hierarchical designs.
On-line title block editor.
Integrated device symbol editor.
Draw multiple parallel wires at once.
Automatic junction placement.
Component scaling.
Target mode (guided wiring).
Multiple document interface (MDI).
Rotate, mirror, scale and box text.
User definable electrical rules.
Context sensitive editing.
Project oriented designs.
User definable sheet size.
Import libraries.
Repeat and undo.
No hardware lock!

WinDraft® Productivity

The user ease of WinDraft® starts with the familiar Windows interface that is intuitive, easy to learn and most important, easy to remember. WinDraft's full color toolbar has icons that are quickly recognizable. Wiring and drawing tools are just a click away on the main or floating toolbar.

Convenience: Choose wires, bus, rectangle, polygon, circle, arcs and lines. While drawing, use a single keystroke to select styles (90 degrees, 45 degrees, Any Angle, or Arc).

Use WinDraft's unique Target Mode for guided wiring or connect by label. Multiwire capability will draw any number of wires or buses at once.

Hierarchy and more: WinDraft automatically sets up connections between hierarchical sheets at different levels. Automatic junction placement is available when you need it.

Editing: Context sensitive editing speeds the design process. A single mouse click on an object allows editing, and a double mouse click brings up a dialog box to change object parameters.

Auto-Part Insert: This practical feature allows the designer to easily insert components onto an existing wire. Just select a part, place it on a wire, and the program automatically breaks the wire and connects the part.

Library and Parts

WinDraft® comes complete with over 10,000 analog and digital parts, including ANSI/IEEE formats. In addition, the program loads Orcad libraries from SDT IV and 386.

Rotation and scaling: Rotate and mirror parts during or after placement with a single keystroke. Components can be scaled to increase or decrease the size.

Graphical Editor

A full graphical library editor and title block editor are included. A library part may be created from scratch, shapes imported from other parts, or graphical definitions can be easily edited.

Easily create your own title block or edit an existing one with the title block editor. Data fields are updated automatically such as creation date, modification date, and sheet size.


WinDraft® provides all you expect and more. User definable online ERC identifies problem areas in the circuit so that do not make their way into the final design. Bill of Materials (BOM), Cleanup to remove overlapping wires, and Annotation are included. Online help is always just a click away and includes the complete reference manual.

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