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Fluke 10 Series Multimeters

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Fluke 10 Series MultimeterCompact, Easy-to-Use DMMs, Ideal for Basic Electrical Testing

Our economical Fluke 10 Series models are designed to support first level electrical and electronic troubleshooting. Their compact design, slide-switch and pushbutton controls allow true one-hand operation.

  • 4000 Count digital display
  • Fast continuity beeper
  • Diode test
  • V CheckTM (Fluke 12 only): simplifies voltage measurements in power environments. When measuring ohms/continuity with more than 4.5 volts present across the input jacks (intentional or not), the meter automatically switches to measuring AC or DC volts, whichever is greater. Input impedance is approximately 2 kOhms, helping determine if voltage is from leakage (so-called 'ghost' voltages) or a hard connection. Overload protection is provided if the circuit is checked in ohms mode.
  • Capacitance, 1.000 F to 9999 F (Fluke 12 only)
  • Continuity Capture (Fluke 12 only): locates intermittent opens and shorts as brief as 250 's and identifies them in a symbolic display as a short-to-open or open-to-short transition
  • Min/Max recording with relative time stamp, records the highest and lowest voltage readings during a 100-hour period (Fluke 12 only)
  • Sleep Mode, to preserve battery life

  • Fluke 10 Series Multimeter

    Features at a Glance: Digital Display/Counts 4000

  • AC and DC Volts
  • Resistance
  • Diode Test
  • Fast Continuity Beeper
  • Sleep mode
  • V Check™ (Fluke 12 only)
  • Capacitance (Fluke 12 only)
  • Min/Max Record w/ Relative Time Stamp (Fluke 12 only)
  • Continuity Capture (Fluke 12 only)

  • Fluke 10 Series Multimeters Specifications

    VDC Range and Resolution:
    4000 mV* , 4.000V, 40.00V, 400V, 600V
    Model 10 (1.5%+1)
    Model 12 (0.9%+1)
    VAC Range and Resolution:
    4000 mV, 4.000V, 40.00V, 400V, 600V
    Best Accuracy:
    Model 10 (2.9%+3)
    Model 12 (1.9%+3)
    Resistance Range and Resolution:
    400.0 W, 4.000 kW, 40.00 kW, 400.0 kW, 4.000 MW, 40.00 MW
    Best Accuracy:
    Model 10 (1.5%+1)
    Model 12 (0.9%+1)
    Capacitance Range and Resolution:
    1.000 F, 10.00 F, 100.0 F, 1000 F, 10,000 F
    Best Accuracy:
    Model 10 N/A
    Model 12 (1.9%+2)
    Battery life: Alkaline, 650 hours continuous, Carbon-zinc, 450 hours continuous
    Weight: 286g (10 oz)
    Size: 142.3 mm L x 70.5 mm W x 34.6 mm D (5.55" L x 2.75" W x 1.35" D)
    Two Year Warranty: One year guaranteed calibration

    Fluke 12 Multimeter Models, Options & Accessories

    These accessories are compatible with model: Fluke 10 Series Multimeters
    Accessory Type Model Name Accessory or Option Description Pricing
    Automotive  TL28A  63" Alligator Clip Test Lead Set Call 
    Cases & holsters  C10 Holster  Call 
    C90 Soft Case DMM  Call 
    TPAK Meter Hanging Kit  Call 
    C12A  Soft Case  Call 
    C530  Leather Accessory Case  Call 
    C550  Tool bag Call 
    Current Clamps  i1010  AC/DC Current Clamp   Call 
    i410  AC/DC Current Clamp  Call 
    High Voltage Probes  80K-40  High Voltage Probe   Call 
    80K-6  High Voltage Probe  Call 
    Pressure & Vacuum  PV350 Pressure Vacuum Module  Call 
    Temperature  80TK Thermocouple Module  Call 
    80T-150U  Universal Temperature Probe  Call 
    80T-IR  Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Probe  Call 
    Test Leads, Probes and Clips  TL23F Electrical Test Lead Set  Call 
    85RF  High Frequency Probe   Call 
    BP980  Double Banana Plug Kit  Call 
    H900  Test Lead Holder  Call 
    TL 40  Retractable Tip Test Lead Set   Call 
    TL20  63" Test Lead Set   Call 
    TL22  63" Right Angle Silicone Test Lead Set  Call 
    TL24  63" Right Angle/Straight Silicone Test Leads  Call 
    TL26A  60" 5-Way Test Lead Set  Call 
    TL71  Premium DMM Test Lead Assembly  Call 
    TL74  4 mm Diameter Test Leads  Call 
    TL910  Electronic Test Probes with Replacement Tips  Call 
    TL930  61 cm (24') Patch Cord   Call 
    TL932  91 cm (36") Patch Cord  Call 
    TL935  Patch Cord Kit  Call 
    TL940  Mini-Hook Test Leads  Call 
    TL950  Mini-Pincer Test Leads   Call 
    TL960  Micro-Hook Test Leads  Call 
    TL970  Hook and Pincer Kit  Call 
    TP912  Replacement Tips for Electronic Test Probes (TL910)  Call 
    TP920  Test Probe Adapter Kit  Call 

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