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Electronic Kits for serious use as well as for hobbyists. We recommend that a builder have some hands-on familiarity with electronic components, component identification/markings  and some soldering experience; or work under the supervision of an experienced builder if trying your first kit.  datak_1.jpg (32121 bytes)

Kits Index Page Links below to over a hundred kits!
New Kits in 2003 here! Including Ham Radio VFO and Receiver kits.
From page NP-24 of the new Philmore catalog, new products section

New kits for 2004 will be introduced in May at the EDS in Las Vegas.
The new 2004 kits will be added to this web page around the first of JUNE 2004

The purpose of this page is to provide you with a search device so that you may (a.) look up a kit by number or (b.) find a kit by description or (c.)  simply browse this page to see what you can find. There are links to catalog page copies from this page, so that you may see kits and read about them.

New Kits in 2003 here!         Protoboards Here.

Page 199 kits on this page are:
80-005 Stairway to Heaven game kit
80-007 RIAA Equalized Preamplifier kit, or preamp
80-010 Three Digit Counter Module
80-013 Infrared Beam Door Minder (an alarm, may be used with a counter)
80-014 Music Box Engine (Light activated)
80-020 LCD Temperature Meter (Celsius electronic thermometer)
80-030 LED Dice with slow down (game)
80-035 PLL Experimenter Kit (Phase-locked loop kit)

Page 200 kits on this page are:
80-040 Introduction to a Power Supply
80-043 PC Board mounted RELAY
80-045 R.F. Amplifier Kit
80-046 Flashing Star Kit
80-050 44 Watt Stereo Power Amplifier Kit (audio amplifier)
80-052 70 Watt Mono Power Amplifier Kit (audio amplifier)

Page 201 Kits on this page are:
80-055 PLL Tuned FM-Stereo Transmitter kit
80-057 PLL Controlled FM Stereo Transmitter kit (our best)
80-060 FM Stereo Transmitter kit*
80-065 Wireless FM Mike kit
80-070 3-volt FM Transmitter/microphone kit
80-075 Tone-Volume-Balance Control kit (Hi-Fi project)
*see also page 202 for the "Internet Broadcaster" FM stereo transmitter kit.

Page 202 Kits on this page are:
80-077 DC Electric Motor Kit
80-080 Light Alarm Kit
80-082 UHF Remote (Radio) Controlled Relays Kit
80-085 Internet BROADCASTER FM Stereo Transmitter Kit
80-088 Ten Watt (per channel) Stereo Amplifier Kit
80-090 Oscillator Building Blocks Kit
80-100 Touch or Contact Switch Kit

Page 203 Kits on this page are:
80-101   Home/Car Alarm kit
80-102 Universal Timer kit
80-103 Photo Sensor with Control Relay
80-104 Stereo Preamplifier Kit
80-105 Voice Changer (robot voice)
80-106 Sound Effects Generator
80-108 Serial Port Relay Board (relays controlled by PC)
80-109 Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver Kit
80-110 Continuity Tester Kit
80-111 Square Wave Oscillator Kit

Page 204 Kits on this page are:
80-112 Pocket Sampler/Data Logger for PC
80-113 Dual Stepper Motor Controller for PC
80-114 Dual Regulated Power Supply
80-116 Alarm Siren Driver (for 8 ohm horn speaker)
80-118 Twelve bit Datak Acquisition System for PC
80-120 Audio to Light Modulator
80-122 ATMEL AVR PIC Programmer Kit.

Page 205 Kits on this page are:
80-123 ATMEL Microcontroller Programmer (for 8051 family)
80-124 Positive Adjustable Power Supply module kit
80125 Negative Adjustable Power Supply module kit
80-126 Mini VOX & Relay Kit (sound activated switch)
80-129 4-digit UP/DOWN Counter kit
80-130 Sound Activated Switch (VOX) for tape recorders
80-134 Personal Computer Controlled LCD & Thermostat kit

Page 206 Kits on this page are:
80-137 Touch Switch with Relay kit
80-140 AC Strobe Light Kit (110-117 volt circuit)
80-141 High Accuracy Multi-Mode Timer kit.
80-145 Serial Port Temperature Data Logger
80-146 40 Second Message Recorder (with looping option)
80-150 6/12 Volt Alarm Module (SCREAMER)
80-154 4-digit Pre-settable Down Counter

Page 207 Kits on this page are:
80-160 FM Telephone Transmitter kit
80-161 "El Cheapo" Programmer Kit
80-162 Xenon Tube Flasher (6 Volt)
80-165 Convertible Bar Graph Kit
80-170 Audio Amplifier Module (1 watt, variable gain) kit
80-200 Ultrasonic Movement Detector (good alarm circuit) kit
80-210 Two Station Intercom (or one-way baby listener) kit
80-230 OpAmp Function Generator kit
80-240 Logic Probe kit
80-260 Fiber Optic Audio Link kit
80-270 One Watt Audio Amplifier module kit.
80-280 Sound Activated FM Transmitter kit

Page 208 Kits on this page are:
80-290 Electronic Combination Lock kit
80-300 PIR Movement Detector kit (good for alarm)
80-310 (loud) Nine Volt Siren kit
80-320 Two Stage FM Transmitter/wireless microphone kit
80-330 Low Voltage Phone Recorder Switch (tape recorder use)
80-340 3-1/2 Digit LCD Panel Meter kit
80-375 Five LED Multi Sequential Flasher
80-470 Eight Watt Audio Amplifier kit
80-525 Five LED Sequential Flasher
80-550 Suction Cup Pickup (telephone) with Amplifier
80-570 ION Generator
80-580 Infrared Toggle Switch (uses TV remote)

Page 209 Kits on this page are:
80-600 78XX Regulated Power Supply kit
80-620 Movement Detector Components (PIR)
80-630 One Chip AM Radio
80-670 Motor Speed Controller
80-680 Variable Power Supply kit
80-710 Programmable Dice kit (game)
80-740 Parallel Port Relay Board
80-790 (3) Light/Dark Relay Switches
80-810 PIC Programmer (for 16C84, entry level)
80-840 117 Volt Relay Board

Page 210 Kits on this page are:
80-850 Three Timer Circuits kit
80-860 Telephone Remote Control Switcher
80-870 One Watt Stereo Amplifier kit (Audio)
80-880 Stereo VU Meter (Audio)
80-900 Three Watt Stereo Amplifier kit (Audio)
80-960 Serial PIC Programmer kit.
Also on page 210 are Various C.O.B. (I.C. Chip on Board) Projects
80-910 Four Train Sounds kit (model train projects)
80-920 Cellular Phone Sound Effects
80-930 Assorted Melodies
80-940 Ambulance, Fire and Police Sounds
80-950 Happy Birthday melody kit.

Page 211 Kits on this page are:
80-970 Variable Power Supply
80-980 Monaural Preamplifier (audio)
80-990 R.F. Bug Sniffer (hidden listener finder)
80-1108 17.5 Watt Monaural Amplifier (audio)
80-1401 PLL-VFO Experimenter Package


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